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Read Esther 1:13; 1Chronicles 12:32; Job 24:1; Jeremia 8:7; DANIEL 7:25 + 9:21.

The wise are those to whom God reveals the times and secrets when the time is fulfilled: Remember the wise man that brought gifts for Yeshua's birth. How did they know? The Apostles of Yeshua lived not in a time that was ripe to know the secrets of the endtimes. - Acts 1:7 It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power. Still there are people to whom God reveales it.
- Amos 3:7 Surely יהוה YEHOVA God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. If God gives you the grace to witness an event, go and worship God with this. - Rev 20:10b "worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." 

Calendars to know Gods time 

The Scripture contains a lot of exact dates which often are repeated in time like the first destruction of the temple of Solomon on a 9th day of the 5th month (that is AV or Chamishi) and again in 70 A.D when the Romans destroyed the temple and all further punishment in the inquisition in Spain 1492 or in other countries, appeared on the same date so that the Jews were warned and reminded to what they did to the messiah. Also the Italien Ghettos started on the 9th of Av and so did the Russian Progoms and the "final solution" of Adolf Hitler.
    Also the last day of Elul is of importance for economy and the 10th day of the 10th month was for the 10 commandments of the covenmant to be revealed in the time of Josia and in 6 January 1982 when the ark of the commandments was found which was in the biblical calendar the 10th of the 10th month.   

The calendar underneath is just a model that I made to come  closer to real dates nevertheless it is based on the calendar of the Pharisees which was created in Babylon and later additional work on it, is to hide the exact work of God that   HIS son came when the time was fulfilled.   Pharisees calendar have somtimes an additional month of AdarII to keep up with the days of the natural year and the barley harvest. In the holy scriptures known to christianity  a second Adar or VeAdar does not appear.  The calendar that was followed until about 300 B.C.  would be that of Enoch which is now here        

Still many try on it though once it is understood it seems to be easy and many dates in the bible will make more sense.  

Down here I give you a Jewish Calendar in two different forms to follow Jewish and godly feasts. It appears that the days do not match biblical times therefore when the Highpriest went into the temple they put a robe on his foot so they could pull him out in case he died because of coming into God presence on a wrong date.        

And in round for easier finding of opposite sites like half years         

 - The Jewish calendar is changed because of the exile in Babylon. It seems in the 3rd century before Yeshua the Pharisees changed the times so, that we find expression in the bible saying "" a freast of the Jes instead of  "a feast of Jehovah" Do be careful not to take on rabbinic Judaism! The only teaching that has gone out into the whole world from Jerusalem
is the believe in
Yeshua the Messiah.     

compare Isa 2:3 

  1. No other faith is relevant.
  2. No other city is relevant. 
  3. No other messiah is relevant. 
  4. No secret addition were made.

All secret addition came from evil sorcerers like Elymas a Jew who called himself a son of Jesus but infact was a liar (Acts 13) that had nothing to do with Jesus. This was just a source for his income. Simon Magus is another sorcerer (Acts 8) who was rebuked twice by the Apostle Shime'on (Peter) in Samaria and in Rome. When Shime'on went away for mission in Britain Simon Magus stayed in Rome and  was able to introduce even the emperor to his secrets learned from Samaritan/Babylonian and Egyptian sources. There the persecution of the Cristians began and a different Christianity was installed in Rome that allowed idols and other breaking of GODs commandments.   - Good to get understanding of Gods ways.  There are many different  calendar models out claiming to be biblical but  still all have mistakes resulting from:   - cosmic events that maybe changed the ways of the stars and the moon and could have caused  changes of the calendar since about 1400 B.C. and again in 700 B.C.. (This is best explained  by  Immanuel Velikovski )   - or the new moon sighting for the  Yom Teruakh (Feast of trumpeting).  ( monthly new moon sightings from Jerusalem )  - neglecting the barley harvest for the beginning of the new year.  - just taking over of the civil Israeli calendar or the rabbinic Calendar (with big changes taken from the pegan Babylonian moon calendar)   which was made of the Scribes and Pharisees and put in place around the 3rd century BCE.     Still Questions to the Bible with its calendar remain.  When does the 24 hour day begin? Judges 19:9  When does the Biblical Year begin? Newmoon Aviv   Can we trace events of the Bible like the day Yeshua died?  When was Yeshua born?   Can Endtime events be calculated?  How much do prophecies depend on the biblical calendar?       

Here is  a good example of a biblical calendar with my red remarks

      Here a much preciser model really well done though still based on the deceit of the Pharisees.

credit: by Michael Rood.
Now this one seems to me a very good attempt. It may still not be ripe and has a lack of design but it goes in the right direction. 

credit: by Kenneth B. Jenkerson
      The most promissing Model here from   by Nick VanderLaan giving a 364 days calendar as the scriptures tell us. Here without the solstices and equinoxis    

CHALLENGE: There is still the Essene and Enoch Calendar revived by Kenneth B. Jenkerson which can trace the Messiah better and Nick VanderLaan 
  Please when I mention to you things that can help you with knowledge that does not mean that those people are perfect. I do   suffer very much how these brothers are fighting against each other and how immature their personalities are. Still the way they search out the bible is enourmous but keep in mind it is not knowledge that saves you! GOD has used man with very little knowledge to do great deeds. On the other hand knowledge is needed for the end times. The main issue however is the love you have for Yeshua and HIS followers. 

--> It is also for you!